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The Original Sprayed Limestone System

Americans spend $300 billion dollars on remodelling and upgrading their homes, offices, office buildings and vacation homes including interiors and exteriors annually.

StoneItDFW Stone has created a unique niche in the market place with a time and cost saving technology which cuts installation time in half with the use of a unique limestone application which is handcrafted on-site by Master Artisans.

Our success

We create beautiful real limestone with the texture and color of any shape or rock appearance desired. It can be installed on existing walls without disturbing the existing original structure.

This product was developed by a French craftsman and artist and then expanded throughout France, Spain, and Italy since 1999. Our product’s versatility creates astonishing results compared to that of quarried stone. StoneItDFW Stone offers an incomparable range of application and design to architects and interior designers which previously has been very limited.

With the explosive growth and now with an established U.S. base in Dallas, Texas, our growth plans are to build 200 StoneItDFW Stone showroom warehouse centers in the next 5-6 years.

The French experience has expanded successfully and profitability. The initial US Showroom Center is on track to do $1,400,000 in the first year. Americans spent approximately $5 million dollars per zip code in home remodeling last year, and this activity has increased 20% over the previous years. The commercial construction market is approximately $100 billion annually in the US.

We have established a company culture of excellence in customer service, attention to detail, and successful financial growth, to prepare our Franchisees to succeed.

The StoneItDFW international story

Early days

In 1999 Pierre Laurent Chamielec first discovers the potential for a limestone based, sprayed, pigmented and carved wall coating system


After extensive research and development, Pierre perfects an applicable formula and a ready mix bag


Pierre’s company produces, packages and markets the product throughout all of Europe


Philippe learns of Pierre’s innovation and brings it to the United States to spray limestone on the very first home in Arlington, TX.


Pierre’s operation in Europe continues to thrive and succeed as he begins to expand globally


A new opportunity arises in the global market place with the formation of StoneItDFW Stone Design, sparked by the merger between many companies who consolidated under one unified entity.


StoneItDFW quickly becomes the largest and most experienced sprayed limestone company in the world with continued daily growth through franchising endeavors

StoneItDFW Stone has…

A comprehensive group of highly charged videos
Uses informative high powered ads which demonstrate the product preparation, application versability, beauty shots and finished projects, interior, exterior, residential and commercial projects
New innovative Marketing Materials produced by corporate
Additional platforms supported by consulting experts for all social media and network marketing at trade shows
Cable television spot buys run of the station advertising to reach the largest base of interested customers
Company maintains a call center and proprietary CRM system which manages all call inquiries domestically
Franchisee website supported by web designer customer referrals
Interaction with all local remodelling contractors and new construction
Subsequently Hubs and Spokes to respective franchises based on proximity to their base
Franchises will place local spots with corporate supplied material to source new trial and repeat business
Material, programs, methodology supplied by the corporation
New programs being developed and cascaded to the franchise community for local use


Now is the time for franchise expansion
External conditions are prime & interest rates are low
Remodeling, new constructions is at all time high since the 90’s
Opportunities are widely available
We offer tried proven products with an elite development program which includes trained Master Artisans for your organization
StoneItDFW Stone is a development concept with substantial years of experience. Growing the brand with media efficiency and SEO to maximize response on all internet site searches
Have a state of the art internet placement advisor
Chance to diversify your portfolio and leverage your existing overhead
Exclusive master franchise agreements are available for larger areas

Franchise Support

The principals have more than 40 years of experience and have the expertise to be successful in the market and will gladly share with our franchise partners
We offer a wide range of services to make you successful
We will help you define a successful territory
Operations including comprehensive training and continuous support
Initial training plus ongoing throughout the franchise partnership
Incisive marketing techniques
Proprietary CRM system and central call center
Real energy and passion to succeed

Qualification & Costs

StoneItDFW Stone is seeking experienced businessmen and women. Being currently in construction or related fields is a plus for consideration. In addition, we are actively working with entrepreneurs, investors and experienced business people who want to expand their business whether in real estate commercial development venues or have a thriving business in a completely different field and are looking to expand their portfolio.

A Passion to Succeed

Partnerships are also encouraged as long as there is an active operating partner. The financial requirements will vary from $99,522-$183,254 total investment depending on the are developed, with a $50,000-$60,000 liquidity. Approximately 40-50% may be financeable. We are seeking partners capable of operating 1-5 locations.

Associated Fees (Franchise Fee $30,000 - $100,000)

5% Royalty, 2% Marketing Fund, contributing to 8% or more local advertising highly recommended as part of minimum starting % which can be reduced at maturity to 5%. Master franchise agreements and International agreements are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Note: It is important that you review the entire Franchise Disclosure Document

Selection of Development Area

Many factors go into the selection of an area for development and areas are individually evaluated. In broad terms, an area will need population of 300,000 as a minimum and multiples of that number to support multiple locations. Showroom and warehouse space will most likely be 3000 – 4000 square feet or more as needed. Evaluations of each area requested will be made based on demographics, remodeling activity both residential and commercial, and new construction as well. Consideration will be based on demographic profile, disposable income.

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