Residential Interior Applications

Enhance or completely change your home by adding the warmth, durability and harmony of stones. The flexibility of our product allows you to choose a color among various natural pigments and designs.

Possibilities Are Endless


Stair Cases

Wine Cellars



Ceilings - YES




Doors and Window Treatments

Our product brings a novel and unique decorative crushed limestone wall coating system handcrafted on location. It has the expensive look, strength and natural beauty of cut stone and once cured is real stone.

The transformation is amazing. Check our pictures in our gallery. We provide free estimates whether your accents done or your entire house.

Our product is projected or troweled onto the surface, rather than painstakingly mortared or embedded in concrete. It is not mass produced like other veneers. It is produced on site reducing the cost of installation.

Alfredo is such a awesome person with a great company. I really enjoyed everything about this company.

Erika Johnson

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